Lasting dynasty for my master, because he fights the Lord’s battles!: QT for Fri Oct 31, 2014, read 1 Sam 25:1- 44;

Though Abigail has admitted that David had been foolishly mistreated by her husband’s foly, she is saying that David’s plan to destroy her household and business is a needless bloodshed and will be found against him in the future. If you are fighting the Lord’s battle, God will deal with your enemies by Himself, she is saying.


* What is Abigail saying with help of the Holy Spirit about God’s plan for David?


* What is Abigail saying abut the Lord’s fight David is fighting?


* What is her view of establishing a lasting dynasty of David?


* What is God saying of the Lord’s battle you should fight?  See also 1 Tim 6:11– 12


* How do you want to continue with God’s fight?  Col 1:28- 29

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