Remorse or a troubled conscience because of needless bloodshed of revenge!: QT for Wed Oct 29, 2014, read 1 Sam 25:1- 44;

Abigail saw the big picture of what God is doing around for His people. She also saw that her husband Nabal wanted a trouble for David while he is fighting the Lord’s battle, and the Lord would for sure make a lasting dynasty for David. Yet she is rebuking David for his foolishness of trying to avenge himself and willingness to shed innocent blood, while the Lord would judge.


* What could we observe of Abigail’s integrity from the way she is admitting stupidity of her husband Nabal?  See also Pr 28:13


* What could we observe of David’s response to the foolish insult of Nabal against himself?


* What is God saying to David through Abigail about revenge David want to do to Nabal?  See also Rom 12:19


* Who is someone God is reminding you to think about repaying with compassion and kindness?


* What do you want to do with him?


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