The Lord’s battles David meant to fight: QT for Sat Nov 1, 2014, read 1 Sam 25:1- 44;

David saw Nabal’s behavior against him and concluded that his effort to protect the property of Nabal in the desert so nothing he had got lost was a waste. For he felt that Nabal has slapped himself in the face! Yet God is rebuking David and corrects his values and his attitude by reminding him the he should keep fighting the Lord’s battles.


* What should David have thought of as he cared for people?  See also Act 20:28


* What kind of example should David have shown before his people?  See also 1 Pet 5:2- 4


* Whom is someone God is showing you that you should offer tender loving care for?


* What do you want to do about it?   See also Psalm 78:72

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