Let it be so now, it is proper for us to do this…: QT for Sat Feb 21, 2015, read Mk 1;

Though the Lord Jesus was aware of His own identity as the Son of God, He willingly went to John to get beptized by him. Even John wanted to stop Him from getting baptism— saying ,”I need to be baptized by you!”, the Lord Jesus asked Him to let it be so for all righteousness!


* What could we observe of the character of the Lord Jesus from the way He went to John for baptism?  See also Mt 21:5


* What could we learn of God heart from the way He responded to the Lord Jesus’ baptism?  See also Phil 2:9- 11


* What is God showing you that you need to do even it doesn’t seem important to yourself?


* What do you want to do abouit it?

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