“Who could forgive sin but God alone?”: QT for Tue Feb 24, 2015, read Mk 2;

The Lord Jesus forgave the paralytic’s sin as He saw their faith. It wasn’t anything those Hebrews could accept, because He was claiming God Himself! But sin was more important problem of the man than his physical condition. Though it was such controversial for Jesus to do it He still forgave the man’s sin even before healing his body!


* What could we learn about the importance of forgiveness of sin from the way the Lord Jesus dealt with it before healing his body?  See also Pr 18:14


* What caused the Lord Jesus forgive his sin before he address for his physical problem?  See also Jn 6:63


* What is the Lord saying about your own attitude about spiritual need of the people around?  See also Mt 9:36- 37



* What do you want to do about it?

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