Why does He eat with tax collectors and sinners?: QT for Wed Feb 25, 2015, read Mk 2;

The Lord Jesus was not afraid of notorious criticism of the Pharisees about his socialization with peopleunacceptable to the public. He didn’t pass by when He saw Levi sitting in the tax collector’s booth, but called him and he stood up and followed the Lord. That was the begining of His reach out among tax collectors and sinners!


* What has caused the Lord Jesus to reach out to people with bad reputation in the society?


* Who were those tax collectors in their culture?


* What was the Lord Jesus’ attitude toward them unlike that of Pharisees?   See also Jn 3:16– 17


* What is the Lord Jesus telling you of your own attitude toward people socially unwelcomed around?  See also 1 Cor 9:19


* What do you want to do about it?

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