Tell him, ‘The Teacher says: My appointed time is near. I am going to celebrate the Passover with my disciples at your house. QT for Wed July 17, 2019, read Mt 26;

It was an occasion the Lord Jesus has waited to celebrate the last Passover meal with His people before His suffering. The man who was told of the Lord’s plan to keep the Passover at His house surrendered himself to the Lord Jesus’ agenda and prepared His house for the event;
• What could we observe the way the Lord Jesus claims the authority over the house of the man He sent them to? See also Mk 14:14 Say to the owner of the house he enters, ‘The Teacher asks: Where is my guest room, where I may eat the Passover with my disciples?’

• What could we observe the way the Lord claims authority over anyone/ anything that He wants to utilize for His kingdom? See also Mt 21:2-3 saying to them, “Go to the village ahead of you, and at once you will find a donkey tied there, with her colt by her. Untie them and bring them to me. If anyone says anything to you, tell him that the Lord needs them, and he will send them right away.”

• What could we observe the way the Lord Jesus continues His work with people who’s willing to acknowledge His authority/ ownership? See also Jn 6:9-11 
“Here is a boy with five small barley loaves and two small fish, but how far will they go among so many?” Jesus said, “Have the people sit down.” There was plenty of grass in that place, and the men sat down, about five thousand of them. 
Jesus then took the loaves, gave thanks, and distributed to those who were seated as much as they wanted. He did the same with the fish.

• What is the Lord Jesus said of His agenda about your life/ your possession/ your gift to be utilized for His kingdom?

• What do you want to do about it in response to His voice?

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