But the Lord stood at my side and gave me strength: read 2 Tim 4.

Paul went through the defense for his work of the gospel at the Roman court all alone with no one standing by him. But the Lord stood at his side giving him strength. Paul even considered the defense for himself as the process of the proclamation of the gospel. He is testifying that he could do it with God’s strength.

What could we observe the way God’s presence goes with someone who walks in His will? See also Gen 28:13-15

What could we observe the impact of God’s presence in someone’s life? See also Ps 96:10

What could be the secret of prosperity/success in life’s task no matter what you are engaged in? See also Jos 1:5

What is the Lord Jesus saying to you about your recent experiencing His presence in your life/doing(whatever)?

What do you want to do in response to His voice that you might experience his presence/empowerment in life?

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