The Lord will rescue me from every evil attack: read 2 Tim 4

Though he has been engaged in a non-violent and peaceful campaign for the gospel of the Lord, he was sure of the peaceful end of his campaign. Through brutal emperor and king’s scheme and through a dangerous journey over wild animal infested circumstanced he has experienced God’s faithful protection and guidance. Moreover, he is confident about God’s faithful guide to the end of his journey.

What conclusion is Paul drawing about God’s protection and guidance through the years of experiencing God’s faithfulness? See also 1 Cor 10:13

What must have been on Paul’s mind as he was facing danger after danger in his life? See also 2 Cor 6:5-9

What must have strengthened Paul to continue in his quest for the gospel for life? See also Act 27:23-25

What is the Lord Jesus saying to you about your experience of His presence in your life lately?

What do you want to do in response to His invitation for intimacy with Him?

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