Those who survived the exile… and in great trouble & disgrace: read Neh 1.

Nehemiah must have been successful in his safety and survival in the land of slavery, Babylon. But his security as a cupbearer of the king Artarxerses didn’t seem much compared to his passion for the welfare of His people who were lucky enough to escape the killing of exile in Babylon, Shall we listen to the Lord’s saying about what enriches our life most?

What could we observe about Nehemiah’s heart from the way he sat down and wept mourned and fasted for several days? See also Rom 9:2-3

What could we observe about Nehemiah’s prayer from the way he asked for favorable permission of the King for the project for the building of the wall in Jerusalem? See also Mk 11:24-25

What is God saying about the prayer of faith through the example of Nehemiah? Mk 9:23-24

What is the Lord Jesus saying about your prayer of faith these days?

What do you want to do in your response to his word that you might thrive in prayer life?

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